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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ

Glendale, AZ
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City of Glendale - Boards and Commissions - Help Shape Your City

Community participation is a cornerstone to the city of Glendale’s success. From volunteerism to providing valuable feedback to our elected officials and city leaders, our residents play an essential role in shaping our city. Key components to our reputation of devoted citizen involvement are the city’s Boards and Commissions, which assist the City Council in making important policy decisions that impact our community. These citizen advisory groups research, study and discuss specific issues with both short- and long-term implications, and then forward their recommendations to the City Council.

Citizen involvement and input is essential to the success of local government. The city
encourages you to consider submitting an application for appointment to one of Glendale’s 19 boards and commissions. The time commitment for each of the boards and commissions varies, but most meet at least once a month for several hours. Preparation for meetings and special meetings sometimes require an additional time commitment.

Once appointed, a basic training program will be provided. Attendance at all regularly
scheduled board or commission meetings is critical. The Council will appoint a replacement for those members who are absent for two consecutive regular meetings or who miss three regularly scheduled meetings in a calendar year

Board and Commission members must be Glendale Residents. The Mayor and City Council will review applications and appoint members. Most terms are two years. Applications will be kept on file for two years. To apply, click the button below. Please complete all required fields. After you have completed the application, you will have the option of printing a copy of the application.

City Council seeking two public members for its new Audit Committee
The Audit Committee acts as an advisory body to the City Council by making recommendations regarding the independent internal audit program.

Duties include the following:  complete a periodic risk assessment of city departments, programs, activities and boards and commissions and recommend audits; review the internal audit program’s annual audit plan; review and evaluate draft audit results; forward final audit results to the City Council; recommend contracts with qualified firms to conduct independent audits; evaluate audits for performance and compliance with accepted professional standards and provide recommendations to the City Council.

The public members will be appointed by City Council to two-year terms and should have knowledge of financial reporting, accounting, auditing or relevant field(s) and

To apply, click the button below.


For additional information, meeting locations and how you can become involved, please call the City Clerk’s Office at (623) 930-2252.

For more information: Boards and Commissions Brochure | Spanish  


To learn more about how you can get involved, view this video. (2 ½ minutes)

Now accepting applications for the new Temporary City Code Review Council Committee

Current Vacancies:

Audit Committee At-Large
Audit Committee At-Large
Board of Adjustment Ocotillo
Community Development Advisory Committee Neighborhood Rep
Community Development Advisory Committee Neighborhood Rep
Community Development Advisory Committee Neighborhood Rep
Human Relations Commission Cactus
Library Advisory Board At-Large
Parks & Recreation Advisory Commission Cholla

Code of Ethics for Elected Officials and Boards and Commission
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Attorney General’s Agency Handbook for Public Officers (elected & appointed)

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Glendale, AZ
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