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Glendale, AZ
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Glendale, AZ

City Improvements

Welcome to the city of Glendale's improvements page. This online destination will serve as your gateway to information about exciting improvement projects happening in Glendale, Arizona. Please visit the sections below to learn more about the various projects.

  • Safety Enhancements Coming to Glendale Intersections
    Eleven additional intersections throughout the City of Glendale have been identified to receive Flashing Yellow Arrows. Flashing Yellow Arrows (FYA) help enhance safety and improve operations at signalized intersections. There will be some temporary roadway restrictions including the closure of left turn lanes and high-speed lanes to protect the work area during installation. Construction at the following intersections is scheduled to begin the week of January 7, 2019:

    • 59th Ave. & Bell Road
    • 67th Ave. & Bell Road
    • 59th Ave. & Thunderbird Road (north median only)
    • 51st Ave. & Olive Ave.
    • 67th Ave. & Glendale Ave.
    • 75th Ave. & Glendale Ave.

    Once these locations have been completed the construction will begin at the intersections of 51st Ave. & Peoria, 59th Ave. & Peoria, 51st Ave. & Northern, 67th Ave. & Olive and 59th Ave. & Bethany Home Road. The project is expected to be completed in the next 4 months.

    For more information contact the Glendale Transportation Department at 623-930-2940.

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  • 67th Cholla Water Treatment Plant Improvement Project
    49th Avenue will be closed between Shangri La Road and Cholla Street beginning October 15, 2018. 49th Avenue will remain closed until approximately December 15, 2018 as crews make improvements to the reservoir in Memmingen Park and the adjacent Cholla Water Treatment Plant.

    • Through traffic can use North 47th Ln. or North 49th Dr. and West Shangri La Rd. to detour around the road closure.

    • North 49th Ave. will be closed from approximately October 15, 2018 through approximately December 15, 2018.

    • For your safety and the safety of the construction crew, please observe all speed and traffic signs to avoid the construction zone.

    • No interruption in water service is anticipated.

    View Flyer

    Questions? Call the Construction Hotline at 602-235-2896.

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  • Heroes Regional Park Library

    Construction Now Underway!
    heroes park library

Glendale Public Library Services Expand to Western Glendale
The construction of Glendale’s fourth and newest public library branch, located on the grounds of Heroes Regional Park near 83rd Avenue and Bethany Home Road, officially commenced on June 11, 2018. The new 7,500 sq. ft. library is projected to serve 80,000 visitors annually and bring an array of branch library services and the latest innovations in library technologies to the western portion of our city’s municipality.

Facility amenities include dedicated children’s and “teen-only” patio areas, Wi-Fi capability, a dividable multi-purpose programming room, a study room, the expansion of the existing parking lot area to accommodate library visitors, the installation of enhanced outdoor area lighting and library monument signage near the entrance of Heroes Regional Park.

Construction of the $3.76 million project is scheduled to be complete in March 2019 and the library is slated to be fully equipped, operational and open to the public by Spring 2019.

Partial funding for the Heroes Regional Park Library was provided through a grant in the amount of $43,000 from State Grants in Aid and from Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records through a federal Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant award of $18,600.

Architect: DFDG Architecture
Contractor: Danson Construction, LLC
Project Owner: City of Glendale Community Services Department
24-Hour Construction Hotline: 602.532.6250
June 2018: Project Newsletter

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  • 67th Avenue/Orangewood Avenue: Sidewalk Connectivity Project
    The City of Glendale, in partnership with the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), is finalizing design plans for the construction of a continuous sidewalk along 67th Avenue between Glendale Avenue and Orangewood Avenue and along Orangewood Avenue between 67th Avenue and the BNSF Railroad. Pedestrian safety improvements include the installation of new sidewalk, curb and gutter in areas where no sidewalk exists.

    View Exhibits from Public Information Meeting
    Project Information Line: 602-235-2896

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  • Citywide Fire Hydrant and Valve Replacement Project
    Phase 2 of a citywide capital improvement effort to replace fire hydrants and install replacement water main valves is currently underway. Replacement fire hydrants are necessary due to age and to improve functionality. Newly installed valves provide improved maintenance, better control and operational stability.

    Traffic Restrictions
    During construction, traffic lane restrictions are anticipated. However, access will be maintained for residents, businesses and emergency vehicles at all times.

    24-Hour Project Hotline: 602.532.6250

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  • Traffic Circulation and Event Parking Improvement Projects
    Glendale Sports & Entertainment District
    Sept. 2017: Project Flyer & Additional Details
    Dec. 2017:
    Project Flyer & Construction Update
    Jan. 2018: Project Flyer & Construction Update
    Feb. 2018: Project Flyer & Construction Update
    April 2018: Project Flyer & Construction Update
    June 2018: Project Flyer & Construction Update
    July 2018: Project Flyer & Construction Update

    1/30/18 TO 7/31/18
    Beginning 6 a.m., Tuesday, January 30, 2018, Bethany Home Road will be closed between 95th Avenue and 91st Avenue for construction of pedestrian infrastructure improvements. During this time, 95th and 91st avenues will remain open. Through traffic may use Camelback Road or Maryland Avenue as an alternate route.  Bethany Home Road will reopen by 6 p.m., Tuesday, July 31, 2018.

    About the Project
    Improvements along Bethany Home Road east of 95th Avenue include the installation of a pedestrian underpass and bridged crossings at the Grand Canal and Bethany Home Outfall Channel, realignment at Bethany Home Road, concrete curb, gutter, sidewalk, landscaping and additional drainage improvements. The project is slated for completion in August 2018.

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  • Citywide LED Streetlight Conversion Program
    Lowers Energy and Maintenance Costs, Enhances Traffic Safety, Cuts Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    A citywide effort to convert 18,500 of Glendale's streetlights from high pressure sodium to new energy-efficient LED (Light Emitting Diode) light fixtures kicks off September 2017. With the transition to citywide implementation, Glendale is expected to experience a significant reduction in energy consumption and maintenance costs, coupled with the added benefit of improved visibility and safety on city streets.

    The new LED streetlights are expected to save the city approximately $674,000 in energy and maintenance costs each year. Work will start in Glendale’s APS service areas to meet APS rebate deadline requirements and progress into SRP service areas. Project completion is currently slated for early summer 2018..

    LED FAQ's

    Contractor crews will be changing out the cobra heads of existing street lights via aerial bucket trucks during day and nighttime off peak travel hours.  Some work locations may necessitate brief travel-lane closures to accommodate worker and motorist safety.

    Download Project Information
    Download Public Meeting Presentation

    24-Hour Project Line: 602.532.6250

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  • Glendale Traffic Study Paves Way for Reduced Congestion
    on Major City Roadways

    City deploys more Intelligent Transportation System Technology

    City traffic engineers are using hi-tech traffic devices to capture real-time traffic information on the heaviest traveled streets in Glendale. Actual volume, speed and travel time data, collected via more than 65 real-time traffic detection sensors, will be used to develop “SMART” traffic management plans that will ease congestion, cut travel times and move traffic more efficiently between signalized intersections.

    The installation phase of the project is scheduled to be completed by end of February 2018. Once the devices are operational, the traffic data collection phase is estimated to take up to five months. Glendale traffic management experts will use the data collected to re-fine the signal timings that matches traffic demand. Motorists will notice reduced congestion, more efficient traffic flow and improved travel times by end of 2018. Additional benefits include improved traffic safety, reduced fuel consumption and improved air quality through reduced auto emissions.

    Only minor traffic delays are anticipated during the installation and removal of traffic detection devices. For more information, contact City of Glendale Transportation Division at 623-930-2940 or visit

    Real-time traffic data collection devices map

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  • 83rd Avenue/Georgia Avenue
    Drainage Improvement Project
    Contractor: B&F Contracting, Inc.
    Scheduled to begin the week of June 26 for approximately six weeks, contractor crews will remove and replace portions of curb, gutter, sidewalk, asphalt pavement and the valley gutter on the east side of 83rd Avenue at Georgia Avenue as part of drainage improvements in this area.

    During this work, Georgia Ave. will be CLOSED at 83rd Ave. with no access to or from Georgia Ave. at 83rd Ave. Please use 81st Ave. as an alternate route during this work. Detour signage will be in place. Thank you for your patience during this construction effort!
    Project Information: 602.532.6250 | More Information

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  • N. 71st Avenue Roadway Improvement Project
    W. Myrtle Ave. to W. Orangewood Ave.
    Roadway and drainage improvements include the removal and reconstruction of the existing pavement, the installation of new curb/gutter, sidewalk and roadway medians, and the replacement/relocation of utilities. Construction is currently scheduled to begin in October and is anticipated to take approximately 4 months to complete.

    The city of Glendale is hosting an open house public meeting to discuss plans for future improvements to N. 71st Avenue between W. Myrtle and W. Orangewood avenues. Roadway and drainage improvements include the removal and reconstruction of the existing pavement, the installation of new curb/gutter, sidewalk and roadway medians and the replacement/relocation of utilities. Construction is currently scheduled to begin in February 2018 and is anticipated to take approximately four months to complete.

    Project Inormation: 602-235-2896

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  • Pavement Management Program 
    The Pavement Management Program (PMP) consists of the rehabilitation of poor and deteriorating streets within the City of Glendale with the application of common treatments as well as other pavement preservations methods. The City of Glendale regularly evaluates the condition of roads and streets to assess the need for maintenance or repair, in addition to prioritizing and scheduling how this takes place. The plan to extend the overall life-expectancy of the City of Glendale’s streets through the most efficient and cost-saving measures is carried out through a series of pavement preservation projects.

    Click here for information on the Pavement Management Program including a current schedule of pavement management activates by Council District and a description of the treatment activities.

    For more specific project info call the 24/7 project hotline at 602.532.6250 

    Watch Glendale Today with Councilmember Bart Turner as he discusses how Glendale manages its street and pavement management program.

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  • Pyramid Peak Water Treatment Plant Open House
    The Glendale Water Services Department is implementing water treatment plant capacity expansion and process improvements at the Pyramid Park Water Treatment Plant located east of Pyramid Peak Parkway and north of Pinnacle Vista Drive. This needed process and capacity project will improve plant reliability and provide the ability to meet increasing service demand associated with area growth and development. The plant’s treatment capacity will increase by 15 million gallons per day over the plant’s current 39 million gallons per day treatment capacity.

    Project Information: 602.532.6250
    Project Summary & Schedule

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  • 47th Avenue Drainage Improvement Project
    A new 42" storm drain will be installed in 47th Avenue starting just north of Glendale Avenue and extending to just north of Orangewood Avenue.

    The new storm drain will address flooding problems at the intersection of 47th and State avenues. The project also includes the construction of new drainage structures, including new catch basins upstream of Glendale Avenue to reduce the surface runoff that is discharged to Glendale Avenue.

    Construction is expected to start in late March and take approximately 4 months. Please call the construction hotline at 602-750-7139 for further information.

    During construction, on-street parking will not be permitted. Traffic lane restrictions and alternating sidewalk closures are anticipated. Be alert to changes in temporary construction signage and flag persons when driving through the construction zone. Access will be maintained for residents, businesses and emergency vehicles at all times.

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  • City of Glendale Waterline Improvements (Project 131424)
    The City of Glendale waterline improvement project is a multi-phase/multi-year design and construction project. The project includes waterline replacement and related infrastructure at various locations throughout the City.

    The locations are as follows:
      -  Bethany Home Rd.: 67th Ave. to 59th Ave.
    (Including the Bethany Home Rd./67th Ave. and Bethany Home Rd./59th Ave. intersections)

      -  59th Ave.: Royal Palm Rd. to Olive Ave.
    (Including the 59th Ave./Olive Ave. intersection)

    67th Ave./Olive Ave. Intersection

    Deer Valley Rd.: 67th Ave. to 59th Ave.

    Construction Activity Update
    Phase 1 construction includes the 59th Ave/Olive Ave. intersection and Bethany Home Rd., 67th Ave. to 59th Ave. and related intersections. See Project Map here.

    Nighttime construction work is currently taking place on Olive Avenue, between 67th and 61st avenues and on Bethany Home Rd., between 67th and 59th avenues. Impacted businesses and residences will receive a 48-hour notice prior to any planned disruption to water service.

For project questions or information, please contact our project hotline: 602.532.6250

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  • 59th Avenue and Olive Avenue Intersection Safety and Capacity Improvement Project Completed!

    Thank you to residents, local business, commuters and public safety for their patience and cooperation during construction of this important safety improvement.

    Project Completion (News Release)


    • Raised center medians on 59th Avenue and Olive Avenue
    • New bus bays on the northeast and southwest corners of the intersection
    • Additional right-turn lanes on Olive Avenue for north and southbound travel on to 59th Avenue
    • New sidewalk ramps on the northeast and southwest corners of the intersection
    • New street lighting

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  • Glendale Centerline
    CLICK HERE for information on the Glendale Centerline Project (Glendale Avenue)

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  • Northern Parkway
    CLICK HERE for information on the Northern Parkway project. The purpose of the project is to construct a regional transportation facility to improve regional connectivity from the West Valley to major roadways such as Loop 303, Loop 101, and US 60 (Grand Avenue); improve travel time, regional facility spacing, and west/east traffic flow; and serve population growth.

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  • Street Construction - Traffic Restrictions
    CLICK HERE (PDF) to find out information on current road closures, traffic restrictions and street construction projects happening in the city of Glendale.



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